Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Small Penis Myths and "Miracle Cures"

The small penis industry seeks shamelessly to exploit vulnerable young men. First, they implant in the young mind the myth that his penis might be "too small." They then set about trying to sell him a "cure" that they know full well is not going to make his penis any bigger! This is very dangerous and may well be a contributing factor to our ever-rising suicide rates in young men. Perhaps not but one way or another, the whole area of so-called 'Male Enhancement' certainly has the potential to do untold damage. It is an internet driven form of torture.
With the exception of some, exceedingly rare, congenital defect there is in fact no such thing as a physiologically normal penis that is too small. In addition, even if there were, there is no clinically proven cure for this synthetic malady. The whole thing is blatantly fraudulent from start to finish and many people are making big money from it. In doing so they seem to be blindly indifferent to any hurt or damage that, they may be causing. How they can sleep easily in their beds at night defeats me.
Others are left to pick up the pieces of the charlatan's greed. Small penis merchants can leave a trail of destruction and shattered lives in their wake. Posing as experts, they invent a so-called medical condition. Then they invent a worthless "cure" for a non-existent defect. Their victims may be left a shivering suicidal mess with feelings of inadequacy compounded by disillusionment and betrayal. Who is going to help these men now? The Cure your Small Penis Peddlers? No, I do not think so.
A week hardly goes by but that I would not be dealing with the fallout of this corrupt business. I attempt to help men suffering from erectile dysfunction for which there are many causes. It is important to diagnose the cause of erectile dysfunction before the therapist attempts to suggest a cure. Diagnosis is in fact the key to success. Over the last year or so, I have noticed a brand new cause of performance anxiety giving rise to ED. This serious performance anxiety is arising from a preoccupation with penis size, which in turn is being engendered and propagated by unscrupulous and shameful internet traders.
Let us give these internet traders the benefit of the doubt. Let us assume that they are unaware that there is no such thing as a physiologically normal penis that is "too small." Then let us assume also that they are unaware that no exercises, herbs or medicine can make a man's penis any bigger and that the products they are flogging are utterly useless. At a push, I might be able to accept these propositions although to do so must assume the most appalling stupidity on behalf of the Small Penis Merchants.
Be that as it may however. What I cannot accept is how these internet traders could be oblivious to the hurt and damage that they are causing. Surly, even to the most insensitive mind, it must be blindingly obvious that to suggest to a young man that his penis is too small and then to offer him a "cure" for this none existent defect, a cure that incidentally does not work, is to make mischief of the grossest kind. So gross in fact that it could feature as a cause of suicide? Perhaps.

Dr Andrew Rynne.

Dr Andrew Rynne is a medical practitioner and writer. He has thirty years experience in treating Sexual Dysfunction but most particularly Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation.

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