Thursday, February 10, 2011

Excessive Pre-ejaculation Discharge or Too Much Precum.

Excessive Pre-ejaculation Discharge or Too Much Precum.

It is very difficult to come up with good solid scientific information on this subject. In the many articles and journals that I have been perusing, Excessive Pre-ejaculate is invariably described as a “rare” condition. Yet from my perspective, as an Online Sexual Medicine Consultant, there is nothing at all rare about Excessive Pre-ejaculate. In fact, hardly a week goes by that I do not fine myself helping some other young man come to terms with this common problem.

Some small amounts of pre-ejaculation secretion are common to most young men during the early phase of sexual arousal. It is a clear, sticky mucous liquid produced by Cowper’s glands along the urethra. The function of this normal secretion is to create a friendly environment for the passage of sperm and to facilitate intercourse. Amounts can vary from a few minuscule drops to as much as 5ml and more.

The problem though is this: Who defines what is “excessive” pre-ejaculate or pre-ejaculation discharge? At the moment it is the customer who decides this question. Hence we have a situation where one young man may perceive his 3ml of pre-ejaculate as a “problem” while another young man, with the exact same volume of discharge, may perceive it as a joy! Is it any wonder then that this subject makes such a sparse appearance in the medical literature!

From my work as an Internet Medical Consultant I have noticed enormous geographical and cultural variations in the reported incidence of “problems” of too much Pre-ejaculate or Pre-cum to use the vernacular. From this remove, it is difficult to say if the difference is in the reality of “too much Pre-cum” or in the acceptability of what is an equal distribution of a common phenomena. That be as it may, Asia would appear to be in a league of its own when it comes to “excessive Pre-cum.” In this department anyway, young Asian men would appear to have an unassailable lead.

This is not to say that this complaint should not be taken seriously. If it is upsetting the young man in question sufficiently for him to take the trouble to write to me seeking my advise, then of course it needs to be taken seriously. In the absence of a better solution I normally advise as follows:
(1)    Try, if at all possible, to look on this “excessive Pre-cum” as normal, healthy and pleasurable – not as something dirty or shameful.
(2)    Understand that as you get older, within the next very few years in fact, amounts of Pre-ejaculate are likely to decline quite dramatically.
(3)    Absorbent towels are all that are usually required.
(4)    There is a medical treatment if all normal reassurance fails. But there is a strong element of using “a sledgehammer to crack a nut” about this approach to management.

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