Saturday, February 5, 2011

Proven Tips to Cure Your Erectile Dysfunction

Proven Tips to Cure Your Erectile Dysfunction

The First Tip: Do not panic and jump at the first quick fix on offer.
When you first experienced erectile dysfunction your initial reaction may well have been one of great alarm, great concern and near panic. This initial reaction is understandable of course but unfortunately, it may also be disabling. Fear and alarm may already have driven you into the Internet to try to find a ready solution. These are shark-infested waters at the best of times, nowhere however is this better exemplified than in the area of so-called "natural" cures for erectile dysfunction. These, usually herbal, readies have three major drawbacks:
• Totally unqualified individuals are offering them for sale on the internet.
• They do not work, or at best only work partially.
• No attempt is being made at diagnosing the cause of your particular erectile dysfunction. One size is supposed to fit all.
So, if you have already been down this road of false promises and can vouch for the validity of what I am saying here, then do not worry, thousands have been there before you. It is now however time to make a fresh start.
The Second Tip: Make some life style changes for a start.
If you smoke or drink alcohol heavily, consider quitting. If you live a sedentary existence and take no exercise, consider a training program to loose a little weight and get a bit fitter. If you are in a stressful job or personal relationship is there anything, you can do to alleviate those tensions like changing your job or ending your relationship.
The Third Tip: Discuss your problem with a specialist.
You will need to diagnose the underlying cause of your problem. This is essential. Erectile dysfunction is not a condition that lends itself to self-medication and self-treatment. It is not like having a head cold or something where you can just pick something up at your corner store and expect that you will get better. This is an area where you are going to need professional guidance. This should come from, not just any old doctor or councillor, but from a therapist who specialises in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.
Fourth and Final Tip: There are two important things that you should know about erectile dysfunction today and they are both good news:
(1) Over 35% of all erectile dysfunction, from whatever cause or occurring in whatever age group resolves itself over time without any treatment.
(2) ALL erectile dysfunction, regardless of cause, severity or age of onset, is treatable and manageable today without having to resort to vacuum pumps or surgical prosthesis. There never has been so many modules of treatment and with very little effort and a bit of help from me, you can find the one that best suited your particular needs today.
Dr Andrew Rynne.
Dr Andrew Rynne is a medical practitioner and writer. He has thirty years experience in treating Sexual Dysfunction but most particularly Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation.


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