Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Penis Enhancement

Now forget your pills and potions, forget your herbs and hand exercises, forget your weights and pulleys. For penis size enlargement the Koteka is your only man. Its cheep, cheerful and effective and it comes with a no quibble full money back guarantee if you are not absolutely delighted with the results.
There is very little new in men constantly worrying about the size of their neither regions. Penis size fixation is in fact as old as humankind itself is. Judging from their drawings left behind them on cave walls, even Neolithic cave dwellers, doodling five thousand years ago, were big phallus enthusiasts. These graffiti artists liked to depict their men chasing after animals both generously endowed with enormous reproductive tackle.
And so in went down through the ages. The Kamasutra, written sometime around 1400, is a classic for its distortion of penis size. Here we are treated to graphic images of men engaging in feats of copulation and using positions that even Peter Stringfellow never thought of. However, not just that, while so engaged in these sexual gymnastics, they are flaunting stallion sized erections that would make the editor of Playboy Magazine blush today. Little wonder then, if the pursuers of this medieval pornography were not made to feel a tad inadequate down below.
By these means is the myth of the massive penis perpetuated and nourished. Again, still in India, we have to this day the Sadhus or holy men making their noisy way about town with weights attached to their penises. Since they have a propensity for parading themselves around town necked from the waste down, size understandably might be a bit of an issue with them.
When it comes to penis size fixation and what to do about it, it would be hard to beat the natives of Papua New Guinea. These fellows really put it up to the rest of us. To this day they like to cavort about the place wearing their beloved penis guards or Koteka as they are locally known. These cool little numbers, made from hollowed out dried gourds, are worn to cover the entire length of the penis and sometimes scrotum. The trick is to procure a Koteka that is about four sizes too big for its intended task and it must be pointing upwards too of course. Into this, the wearer hides his flaccid penis while at the same time outwardly suggesting very generous endowment of a straight standing nature.
There is an idea now for all you Male Enhancement Industry barons. Forget about your herbs and natural remedies. You know full well that none of these things works. Forget about your exercises, pullies and weights. These things do not work either and if you do not believe me go and ask the Sadhus how effective are they. No, no no. Flog Koteka on the Internet instead. Offer nice big pointy ones now and do not forget to include a no quibble, full money back guaranteed refund if the client is not completely satisfied with the results. Make yourself rich by exploiting the lame and the sick and keep the myth that is penis size fixation alive and well. There you go.

Dr Andrew Rynne.

Dr Andrew Rynne is a medical practitioner and writer. He has thirty years experience in treating Sexual Dysfunction but most particularly Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation.

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